at Jones Center Flea Market

Over 50 Years and Still Going Strong

    TRADE DAYS, LLC, originally known as Jones Center,  was built by our parents.  Our father, Fred M. Jones was an Airborne Ranger, and a decorated Korean War veteran.  He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1951 when he was wounded in a parachute jump carrying heavy equipment in the icy conditions of upstate New York.  His buddy was killed during this exercise and our father escorted his friend home to Port Austin, Michigan. 

     Then he returned to his home town of Pearl, MS and attended Hinds Junior College (Hinds Community College) where he met our mother, Becky Lucius in 1953.  A year later, they married and began engaging in various entrepreneurial business activities. Eventually, they became involved with several retail and real estate ventures.  In February 1961, they purchased the 6.5 acres on Highway 80 which had a house, family garage and a duck pond. They moved the house to Airport Road, sold it and began to develop what is now the Jones Center. 

      In 1964, the first building housed the La Charme Beauty Salon.  Two short years later, Rankin Discount Drugs, one of the first drugstores in Pearl, opened for business.  In order to utilize more of the existing grounds, our father decided to experiment with garage sales which quickly gained popularity and soon became a weekly event.  It was so successful that people wanted to rent buildings for the sole purpose of selling their wares at a garage sale.  The result is Jones Center Flea Market; the centerpiece for bargain hunters from all over Mississippi and the surrounding states.

Mr. Jones passed away on November 29, 2009 and his daughters, Lucia Fields and Deeta Bailey, assumed the management duties of the Jones Center in their father's tradition.  From a very young age, both daughters grew up helping their parents with small chores around the center.  They learned how Mr. Jones established long friendships and relationships at the Jones Center, which they have continued to build upon.  One of Mr. Jones' key associates who has worked at the Jones Center for years, is still an integral member of our team.


       Lucia and Deeta fell in love with the people that were so faithful to the Jones Center Flea Market.  The customers and retailers show up regardless of the weather, ready to buy and sell.  In order to continue the operations of the Jones Center, the sisters formed a partnership entitled Trade Days, LLC.  Lucia and Deeta have a vested interest in the Center to not only enhance what their parents built, but to continue to cater to the apparent need of the community that has been so supportive of their family's business.  Numerous improvements continue to be made to the property and buildings, including a new roof just this year.  

Upon celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Jones Center Flea Market just last year, Trade Days, LLC and all of their friends and partners would especially like to thank everyone that visits the Jones Center.  We pledge that you will continue to have the most exciting and unique place to trade with your friends and neighbors.

                Questions:   Contact us at 601-939-4131
                Address:      3064 Highway 80 East
                                    Pearl, Mississippi 39208


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